Art is not for those seeking instant gratification

Music, art, writing: none of these creative practices are for people who enjoy instant gratification. Actually, most people who are “okay” at any skill probably put in a lot of practice.
That’s why when I listen to a song I dislike or see a piece of art I think is trash, I recognize that it’s a matter of my personal taste and rarely has anything to do with the person’s best efforts, talents, or discipline.
It’s extremely hurtful for artists to accept criticism from the general public because people who criticize usually don’t do.
You can’t tell a guitar player how you’d play the solo if you’ve never picked up an instrument. I used to get butthurt whenever people complained about my work until I realized it’s because they’ve never tried.
If you’re in the creative field and someone says you can’t do it (play an instrument, draw something, land correctly while dancing to a beat), just ask the person who criticizes you to try it. Hand them that guitar, pencil or microphone.
You don’t even have to resort to insulting them, they’ll either surprise you with their Oscar-winning talents or run.
P.S.: there are no shortcuts. If you want to get good at something, you need to put in the work.

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