Still figuring out this pandemic

Like anyone else, life took a 180° turn once COVID changed our lives last year. The last time I wrote a blog post I was still hopeful that things would last only a few weeks or months, but we’ve all found out that this isn’t the case.

So much has changed around us everywhere in the world and I’ve privileged to have been able to get the vaccine sometime in April, and became fully vaccinated in May. I was hopeful for an eventful summer, but decided to enlist in a summer acting conservatory and spent much of my summer in zoom classes, learning to improvise, reciting some Shakespeare, and learning both movement and voice for actors.

Not the time type of thing a freelancer does, right?

Around October 2020, I got a positive COVID test even though I felt no symptoms. I started asking myself what made me happy as a child and I began to do this more. I’ve been taking both acting and comedy courses while also continuing to write. This means I am essentially now a part of three very competitive industries that require a lot of hustle.

I haven’t socialized as much as I’d like this year. I try to take it all in stride and recognize that COVID is still out there in my community, much of which is now reeling from the effects of Hurricane Ida. It’s a privilege to be able to do things we’ve neglected over the past years, and to be able to find ways to help others.

I’m still pitching articles about the experience of being a Latina in the South, social justice, and pop culture, but I also started doing copy and content writing as well. I hope to write here a bit more often as well.

I hope that those who are able to read this are doing well and staying healthy wherever you are.

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