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The Post-COVID Doctor Shortage Is a Ticking Time Bomb. Here’s How to Defuse It, The Daily Beast

We Can’t Blame Our Elders for Falling for Health Scams — But We Can Help ThemRefinery 29


Your Rights as a Photographer in the United StatesPetaPixel

Many women of color say it’s hard to find a therapist who gets them. Here are resources to help. The Lily

How a DREAMer Can Find Financial Support in the U.S., MoneyGeek 

BIPOC Women speak out about the events at the Capitol on January 6thThe Mujerista

Dating in a low-vaccinated area feels nearly impossibleThe Lily

Want to Be Anti-Racist in 2021? Look to Prince ZukoLatina Media Co

Everything First-Generation Students Need To Know When Filling Out A Federal Application For Student Aid (FAFSA)Modern Brown Girl

3 staffing agents in rural markets reveal how worker shortages have upped the competition for employers — and which jobs are hardest to fillBusiness Insider 

OASDI tax: The income-replacement program that helps employees save up for retirement and disabilityBusiness Insider

Latinas are still the lowest paid group in the U.S. Experts have tips for combating the inequity.The Lily 


DACA Recipient Nurses On The Frontlines: “If They Got To Know Us, They Would Know We Are Here To Work,” The Americano

Mental Health, Where And How to Find Affordable ResourcesThe Temper

In Seven of Nine I Saw My Own Immigration StoryStar Trek

Why You Don’t Need to Know Where I’m *Really* FromThe Good Trade

25 Rom-Com Heroines Who Totally Rock, From Nola Darling to Kat StratfordParade Magazine

65 years after his tragic death, the Emmett Till Historic Intrepid Center continues to bring healing to rural MississippiRoadtrippers


For a Young Immigrant Growing Up in the 90s, Music Was Everything To MeStylecaster

We Need to Talk About What Just Happened in MississippiStylecaster

Healthcare Hurdles for Limited English Proficient PatientsLanguage Magazine

How ‘Orange is the New Black’ changed Hollywood for Latinas and women foreverThe Mujerista

8 Purpose-Drive Businesses Uplifting Those on the MarginsKCET

We Can’t Stop Thinking About The Most Compelling Marvel Phase 4 Revelations Stylecaster

Ariana Grande Just Dragged Her Ex-Photographer for Requesting Models’ Nudes Stylecaster

The Vibe Was Different in Buenos Aires, and I’m GratefulZora Mag (Medium) 

How To Capitalize On Your Binge-Watching To Get Writing Gigs!Writer’s Weekly

Well-Intentioned Allies Need to Talk to Their FamiliesFeminists Act


The Path That Led To My First Big Break In WritingWriter’s Weekly

How I Raised My Rates and Still Kept ClientsWriter’s Weekly

AVOIDING PAJAMAS AND FOLLOWING A ROUTINE: How I Keep Up With My Freelance DeadlinesWriter’s Weekly

Steps I Took to Land My First Steady Client!Writer’s Weekly 

You WILL Occasionally Face Famine as a Writer – Here’s What to Do When It HappensWriter’s Weekly

Becoming a Full-Time Freelance Writer Takes Time, Planning, and Work. Here’s How I Did It!!, Writer’s Weekly


Of Racial Profiling and Scarlet LettersJackson Free Press

The Resistance is Still ColonizedLatino Rebels


5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Living in a Food DesertCivil Eats


The Vegetarian’s Brew, Jackson Free Press

Cities and Places: A Love StoryJackson Free Press

Fresh and BrightJackson Free Press

Latin Barbecue 101Jackson Free Press


Sara Del CastilloJackson Free Press

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